Decided on June 20,2006



- (1.) THE petitioner through IA No. 38/2006 has sought approval for provisional two part tariff in respect of Nathpa Jhakri Hydro Electric Power Station, for the period from 1.4.2006 to 31.3.2007 @ Rs. 2.56/kWh based on the analogy of tariff order dated 17.6.2005. Subsequently, vide IA No. 43/2006 the petitioner prayed that the generating station be declared as run-of-river with pondage type and for revision of the capacity index of the generating station accordingly. IA No. 38/2006
(2.) By order dated 17.6.2005, the Commission had approved the provisional tariff for the year 2005-06 as under: 9. (a) (i) Capacity Charge Capacity Charges for the year 2005-06 shall be worked out as under: Capacity Charge : Annual Fixed Charge - Primary Energy Charge Annual Fixed charge : (Saleable Design Energy of station x 235 Paise/kWh) (ii) Saleable Design Energy of the station for the year 2005-06: (a) Annual Design energy (approved by CEA) : 6924.62 Gwh (b) Auxiliary consumption for underground station @ 0.7% and transformation losses @ 0.5% : @ 1.2 % : 83.10 Gwh (c) Energy sent out (a-b) : 6841.52 Gwh (d) Free power to home state @12% : 820.98 Gwh (e) Annual Saleable design energy (c-d) : 6020.54 Gwh (iii) Annual Fixed charge (Provisional) : (6020.54 X 235)/1000 : Rs. 1414.83 crore (b) Primary Energy Charge. Primary energy charge for the year 2005-06 shall be worked out in accordance with the methodology for the year 2004-05 given at para 6(b) above, except that primary energy rate shall be based on the average of 12 months lowest variable charges of the Central Sector thermal power stations of Northern Region for the year 2004-05, as may be certified by NREB. The tariff approved was based on single part tariff of Rs. 2.35/kWh as agreed to in the meeting of NREB held in June 2004. At the hearing the representatives of the respondents opposed any increase in tariff on the ground that the petitioner should file a petition for final tariff instead of seeking increase on provisional basis. They urged that there is a case for reduction of provisional tariff. In view of this, the representative of the petitioner did not press for increase of single part tariff to Rs. 2.56/kWh.
(3.) WE direct that the tariff approved by order dated 17.6.2005 for the year 2005-06 shall be continued upto 31.3.2007 on provisional basis. Meanwhile, the petitioner shall file an appropriate petition for approval of final tariff. In case the petitioner fails to make such an application for approval of final tariff by 31.12.2006, the Commission may reduce the tariff allowed provisionally. With the above, IA No. 38/2006 stands disposed of. IA No. 43/2006;

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