Decided on March 06,1950

Lal Singh Didar Singh Appellant
Guru Granth Sahib And Ors. Respondents


Kartar Singh Campbellpuri, J. - (1.) THE facts & circumstances which led to this protracted litigation may shortly be stated as follows:
(2.) BY a registered deed dated 29 -9 -1977 Atma Rarn: & Hari Das, Chelas of Kahan Das sold agricultural land measuring 29 bighas & 3 biswas situated in village Dooburji tehsil Payal in favour of Dulla & Radhawa. Lal Singh pltf. -applt. filed a suit for possession by preemption wherein it was stated in the very first Para, of the plaint that the property related to a Dera & the vendors Atma Ram & Hari Das were not competent to alienate the property. In the column of relief it was, however, prayed that a decree for possession by pre -emption be granted in his favour on payment of Rs. 1,580 the amount which was actually paid. The record reveals that a decree was granted in favour of Lal Singh on 30 -4 -1981 & in pursuance of the decree the applt. entered into possession of the property on 25 -12 -1981 but it so transpired that soon after this an order was issued from the office of the Deorhi Mualla that the property in question was the property of a Dera & an entry in the revenue record be made accordingly. In pursuance of this order emanating from Deorhi Mulla the proceedings were started by the revenue authorities against Lal Singh & he was actually dispossessed on 30 -2 -1986. This suit for possession was instituted by Lal Singh a decade after on 12 -8 -1996 & it was alleged inter alia that he was the owner of the property & had been wrongfully dispossessed. The suit was resisted by the Committee in charge of the Dara & it was contended that the property belonged to the religious institution & that Atma Ram & Hari Das were only the Managers on behalf of the Dera Udasian situated in village Dooburji & as such they were not competent to alienate the property in favour of Dulla & Badhawa & consequently the pltf. too who was succossore in interest of the original vendees could not derive any title sheer by getting a decree for pre -emption. The pleadings gave rise to the following issues: 1. Is the suit within time? O.P. 2. Has the Ct. no jurisdiction to try & decide the suis? Is the pltf. owner of the land & therefore entitled to get its possession & to get the entries in the revenue record corrected?
(3.) IS Sardar Sahib Deorhi Mualla a necessary party to this suit, it so, what is the effect of his not being impleaded?;

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