Decided on October 10,2019

Haobam Tiken Singh Appellant


M.V.MURALIDARAN,J. - (1.) The petitioner has filed the above writ petition seeking Writ of Certiorarified Mandamus to quash part of the impugned order dated 14.8.2015 passed by the third respondent and to direct the respondents to pay/release the outstanding bill amount of Rs.32,34,133/- or in the alternative, to direct the respondents, particularly, respondent Nos.2 and 3 to refund the goods and materials (of the same or similar specification) supplied by the petitioner to the respondents in pursuance of the various supply orders awarded by the respondent State to the petitioner.
(2.) The petitioner Haobam Tiken Singh is a Special Attorney of the executants viz., (1) M/s.Meitei Electrical Motor Works; (2) M/s.Universal Iron and Steel Works; (3) M/s.J.S.Electrical Equipment and Construction; (4) M/s.Somrojit Iron and Steel Works; (5) M/s.Alex Iron and Steel Works; (6) M/s.Ratan Electrical Goods Manufacturing Industry; (7) M/s.W Kalpana Tin Carpentry and Electrical and Engineering Works, who have been carrying on business of execution of contract works and supply of goods/materials with the Electricity Department. By virtue of special power of attorney dated 17.01.2014, the petitioner is representing on behalf of the above executants to represent them for causing to make payment of outstanding dues arising out of the execution of the contractual works and supply of materials to Electricity Department, Government of Manipur pertaining to Work/Supply orders which are subject to this writ petition.
(3.) The Electricity Department, Government of Manipur awarded supply orders/work orders to the executants on different dates for supply of various items of goods including PVC cable, GOAB Cross-arm, D.O. Fuse, chain pully block, block clamp, change over, L.T. stay wire, H.T. stay wire, Kit Kat, bracking Set, cutting electrode, tin coated fuse wire, bolts and nuts, manila rope, nylon rope tong tester, AL Thimber etc. The said supplies were made during the years 1997, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 etc. to the satisfaction/specification of the authority concerned and all the supply orders which have been duly executed and which are subject matter of the present writ petition pertain to the office of the Executive Engineer, Senapati Division Electricity Department, for which all assets and liabilities have been transferred to the respondents 3 and 4.;

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