Decided on September 20,1967

Akabar Ali Appellant
GOVERNMENT OF M.P. Respondents


P.V.DIXIT, J. - (1.) BY this application under Article 226 of the Constitution the petitioner, who is the President of the Ratlam Municipal Council, seeks a writ of certiorari for quashing an order passed by the State Government in August 1967 suspending the operation of its earlier order made on 16th May 1967 declaring that the respondent No.3 Shabbirkhan had ceased to be a member of the Council on account of his absence from the meetings of the Municipal Council during three successive months without obtaining leave of the Municipal Council.
(2.) THE matter arises thus. The existing Ratlam Municipal Council is a body constituted under the Madhya Bharat Municipalities Act, 1954. It is a body which is continuing under section 2 (2) of the Madhya Pradesh Municipalities Act, 1961, which repealed inter alia the Madhya Bharat Municipalities Act, 1954. The petitioner and the respondent No.3 Shabbirkhan were elected as Councillors when the Ratlam Municipal Council was constituted under the Madhya Bharat Act. After the coming into force of the 1961 Act they continued to remain members of the Council by virtue of section 2 (2) of the 1961 Act. Section 14 of the Madhya Bharat Act provided that if any Councillor during the term for which he has been elected or appointed absents himself during three successive months from the meetings of the Municipality except with the leave of the Municipality, then he shall subject to the provisions of sub -section (3) be disabled from continuing to be a Councillor and his office shall become vacant. Sub -section (3) of section 14 was in the following terms: - "In every case, the authority competent to decide whether a vacancy bas occurred under this section shall be the Government in the case of a city Municipality and the Inspector -General of Municipalities in the case of other Municipalities. The decision may be given either on any application made by any person or suo motu. Until the Government or the Inspector -General of Municipalities, as the case may be, decides that the vacancy has arisen, the Councillor shall not be disabled under sub -section (2) from continuing to be a Councillor. Provided that no order shall be passed under this sub -section against any Councillor without giving him a reasonable opportunity of being heard." On 16th May 1967 the Government passed an order in the exercise of its powers under section 14 (3) declaring that the non -applicant No.3 Shabbirkhan had ceased to be a Councillor on account of his absence during these successive months from the meetings of the Municipality without the leave of the Municipality and that a vacancy had arisen. It appears that in August 1967 Shabbirkhan filed an application before the Government for a review of its order dated 16.5.1967. On this review application being filed the Government passed the following order which has been impugned in this petition: ...[VERNACULAR TEXT OMITTED]... This order stayed the operation of the order dated 16th May 1967 and also said that till the final decision of Shabbirkhan's review petition, he would continue to be a Councillor of the Ratlam Municipal Council The applicant contends that under the Madhya Bharat Municipalities Act, 1954, the Government has no power to review an order passed under section 14 (3), much less to stay the operation of the order disabling the person concerned from continuing to be a Councillor and creating a vacancy. The petitioner says that the impugned order was passed without any authority and just for the purpose of altering the party position at the time of the election of the President of the Council which was to have been held on 22nd August 1967; that he intended to contest the election for the office of the President and that his prospects at the election have been pre -judicially affected by the impugned order permitting the respondent No.3 to function as a Councillor tilt the disposal of his review petition.
(3.) THE petition has been opposed by the respondent No.1, the State Government and by Shabbirkhan, respondent No.3. In the return filed by the State, it has been claimed that the Government has under section 332 of the M.P. Municipalities Act, 1961, the power to review the order passed on 16th May 1967 in regard to the respondent No.3 as also the power to suspend the effect of the order dated 16th May 1967 "as an incidental power" to the power of review conferred by section 332 of the Act of 1961. In his return, the respondent No.3 has supported the stand taken by the State Government. On behalf of the respondent No.2 the Municipal Council, Ratlam, the Vice President has filed a return supporting the petitioner and praying that this petition be allowed.;

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