Decided on April 16,1982



Raghuvir, J. - (1.) In this writ petition, the detention of Peerzada Mohd. Khan under the National Security Act 65 of 1980 is questioned. He was arrested on March 18; the grounds of detention were served on him on 22/03/1982. The detenu is the Secretary of a Society with the name - (Our Home Weaker Sections Co-operative House Construction Society) (the Society) in-corporated under the State Act 7 of 1964. He is a close associate of Mohd. Ibrahim Khan whom we have in W.P. No. 2313/1982, today, ordered to be set at liberty from like detention. Peerzada and Mohd. Ibrahim Khan, the two it is averred with other associates are said to control numerous Societies. Their activities are to grab vacant lands and build their personal estates. Some instances are stated in the grounds of detention against peerzada.
(2.) In ground No. 1, it is averred, Hilay Foods and Feeds, a firm owns 8 acres of land covered by S. Nos. 73 and 74 at Saroornagar. One G. V. Krishnaiah had purchased that land on 5/12/1979. The detenu with the assistance of thirty men at his command under the leadership of Ibrahim Khan, forcibly occupied that land. A civil litigation followed in Munsif Magistrates Court at Hyderabad East. An injunction was ordered by that Court on 1/04/1980 restraining the Society and Khamrunnisa Begum from entering the land. When dispute increased, the detenu and his associates raided the land, attacked with deadly weapons, P. Ramaiah and Ziauddin who were supervising a construction work at the land and bolted away. The incident was recorded in Crime No. 53/1980 under Sections 147, 324, I.P.C. of Police Station, Saroornagar. The raid and the attack on persons it is averred created panic in the minds of land-holders in the vicinity.
(3.) The 2nd ground related to Brig. G. M. Sayeed (Retd.) who complained to the Police Inspector, Nampally on 23/01/1981 as respects two premises 10-2-287/1 and 10-2-287/A in Shantinagar divided in A and B portions. The former was purchased by P. Priyaswamy : the Portion B was in the possession of Brig. Sayeed. Priyaswamy, pending the suits, alienated under agreement for rupees five lakhs. On the strength of that agreement, the detenu and his rowdies forcibly occupied the portion B of the house. Brig. Sayeed sought assistance of the police in two incidents referred : One of 22/01/1981 is the subject in Crime No. 11/1981 under Sections 448 and 504, I.P.C.; the second on 25/01/1981 is the subject in Crime No. 13/1981 of Nampally Police Station. The two incidents it is averred created panic, disturbed even tempo of Nampally area and public order, was disturbed. The 3rd ground relates to a representation made by a Committee with the name of Citizens Welfare Committee on March 7 and 8 of 1982 to the Police Commissioner and also to the Chief Minister, respectively. In the representation, the detenu is referred as one of the muscle men of the notorious landgraber, Mohd. Ibrahim Khan whose acts of violence, lawlessness and murders, created horror in the minds of city citizens. The detenu is described as a dangerous and desperate character. These are the three grounds on which Peerzada was detained.;

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