M.SATYANARAYANA MURTHY,J. - (1.) Since the reliefs claimed by the petitioners in W.P. (PIL) NO.164 of 2019 and W.P. (PIL) NO.236 of 2021, are one and the same and based on identical allegations, except additional relief claimed in W.P.(P.I.L) No.236 of 2021, we find it expedient to decide both the writ petitions by common order.
(2.) Mr. Karukola Simhachalam, a practicing Advocate, claiming to be a public spirited person for public good, filed W.P (P.I.L) No.164 of 2019 under Article 226 of the Constitution of India as public interest litigation claiming the following reliefs: (i) To direct the Union and the State Government are to undertake periodical national surveys for determining the prevalence rate and new cases detection rate of Uddanam CKD (C.K.D) and at the same time publish the reports of the concerned survey of the authorities and subsequent thereto into the public domain and also the activities must be given wide publicity; (ii) To direct the Union Of India and State Government should organize massive awareness campaigns to increase public awareness about the signs and symptoms of Uddanam CKD (C.K.D) and the awareness should also be spread about the free availability of medicines at all health care facilities in Uddanam area; (iii) To direct the Union and state are to ensure that drug for management of Uddanam CKD (C.K.D) and its complications including the drugs are available free of cost and do not go out of stock at all Primary Health Centers PHCs or as the case may be public health facilities in that Uddanam area; (iv) To direct the Governments that treatment should be provided at free of cost to all Uddanam CKD (C.K.D) cases diagnosed through general health care system; (v) To direct the Union And the State to organize seminars at all levels which serve as platforms to hear the views and experiences directly from the former patients and their families as well as doctors, social workers experts NGOs and Governments officials; , (vi) To direct the Union and State Government to ensure that both private and public schools do not discriminate against children hailing from CKD (C.K.D) affected families such children should not be turned away and attempt should be made to provide them free education; (vii) To direct the Union and State Government to appoint the food inspectors for prohibit the food adulteration; (viii) To direct the Union and State Government Due attention to be paid to ensure that the persons affected with CKD (C.K.D) are issued Below Poverty Line BPL cards so that they can avail the benefits under schemes which would enable them to secure their right to food; , (ix) To direct the Union and State Governments should construct 500 beds super Specialty Hospitals within the limits of Uddanam area with the adequate dialysis Units and testing laboratory; (x) To direct the State together with the Union Of India should consider formulating and implementing a scheme for providing at least a minimum assistance preferably on a monthly basis to all CKD (C.K.D) affected persons for rehabilitations; (xi) To direct the Union and the State Governments must proactively plan and formulate a comprehensive community based rehabilitation scheme which shall cater to all basic facilities and needs of the CKD (C.K.D) affected persons and their families The scheme shall be aimed at eliminating the stigma that is associated with persons affected with C.K.D patients; (xii) To direct the state and central Government should provide the mobile dialysis units in that Uddanam are who are the suffering with severe CKD (C.K.D); (xiii) To direct the Union Government may consider framing separate rules for Uddanam Chronic Disease (C.K.D) patients and provide reservations in all governmental Jobs.
(3.) Similarly, W.P (P.I.L) No.236 of 2021 is filed claiming similar relief as claimed in W.P. (P.I.L) No.164 of 2019. However, an additional relief is sought for, to direct the district legal service authority to sensitize the residents of Uddanam Area (as outreach program) in coordination with medical experts, psychologists with the assistance of government organizations and NGOs initially for at least three years, so as to prevent the people of Uddanam from consumption of alcohol, utilization of cashew nut powder in foods and liquids such as tea and immediately preventing the act of smoking raw tobacco, inside out (adda pogaku chuttalu).;

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