- (1.) As these two writ petitions are essentially in the nature of cross actions and relate to the same issue, they are being disposed of by this common order.
(2.) The controversy revolves around the relocation of the Deity in Sri Mahankali Ammavari Temple situated at Issappalem hamlet of Mulakaluru village, Narasaraopet Mandal, Guntur District and the relocation of the tomb, with the bust, of late Smt.Gunji Chukkamma on the ground of reconstruction of the Temple.
(3.) It is the case of the 1st petitioner in W.P.No.18299 of 2021, who is the daughter of late Smt.Gunji Chukkamma, that her mother out of her attachment towards her native village and on account of her devotion to Sri Mahankali Ammavaru had got installed the Deity of "Sri Mahankali Ammavaru" on the vacant site belonging to her with the assistance of the 2nd petitioner who was closely associated with her. The said Deity was installed on 17/3/1976 in accordance with the relevant Agama sastras and Rites and Rituals performed by Vedic scholars and purohits. As the initial site was not sufficient, a further extent of 75 3/4 cents of land in Sy.No.57A of the said village had been purchased by Smt. Late Gunji Chukkamma. Over time a large number of persons in and around the locality and adjacent Districts came to repose immense faith in the said Deity. The temple was further developed by installation of "Sikhara Kalasham" etc. Subsequently, another 17 1/2 cents of land was added to the temple premises by obtaining the same under a registered deed of sale dtd. 7/1/1985.;

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