Decided on January 21,2016

Dr. -X Husband Appellant
Dr. -Y Wife Respondents


- (1.) This Appeal is filed by the Appellant husband an Ophthalmologist (hereafter referred as "Petitioner"), whose Petition for divorce against the Respondent wife B.H.M.S. practicing Homeopathy (hereafter referred as "Respondent") has been dismissed by the Family Court, Aurangabad in Petition No.A.263 of 2006. Keeping in view the nature of dispute, we have blocked the names of the parties in the cause title.
(2.) Succinctly put, the marriage between the parties took place on 29th November 2002. They lived together happily for some time and then due to disputes, the Petitioner claims that the Respondent deserted him on 30th December 2003. The Respondent claims that she was beaten and left at the place of her parents on 4th December 2003. Petitioner husband earlier filed Divorce Petition No.A.46 of 2004 on 3rd February 2004. The Respondent received summons in that matter on 9th February 2004. Thereafter few incidents took place and the Respondent filed F.I.R. leading to criminal case against the Petitioner and his other family members. The Petitioner withdrew earlier divorce Petition due to further developments. The present Petition No.A.263 of 2006 came to be filed later on, on 27th September 2006, which has now been dismissed by the Family Court on 27th March 2008.
(3.) To understand the disputes between the parties, it is now necessary to refer the facts in some more details. EARLIER PETITION NO.A.46 OF 2004. Exhibit 52 is copy of the earlier Petition No.A.46 of 2004. It was divorce Petition under Section 13 of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955. The Petitioner claims that his marriage with Respondent could be termed as self arranged marriage. Engagement took place on 27th October 2002. The engagement was broken by the parents of the Respondent on the ground that she was not offered proper gifts and number of persons who attended the function were more. As Respondent and her paternal uncle were ready for marriage, registered marriage was performed and religious rites were carried out at Ghrishneshwar Temple, Ellora (on 29th November 2002). Reception took place on 8th December 2002, in which only uncle and aunt of Respondent attended. In the evening, on the day of marriage, the parents and relatives of Respondent had come to the residence of the Petitioner and quarreled. The marriage was happy for few days. Later on Respondent was not behaving properly and insulted the Petitioner in front of his parents and friends. She used to take suspicion against the Petitioner if any time he talked with any girl. She suspected him with his cousin sister also and he was lowered in the eyes of relatives and sister. When a female friend called from Bombay, Respondent quarreled with the Petitioner and left the house alleging that Petitioner had relations with that friend. She was back answering elderly persons and mother of Petitioner. The Respondent was being instigated by her parents. She had the habit of disclosing private life to friends and creating embarrassment. She left house on many occasions and the Petitioner brought her back. She did not behave properly with friends and relatives and avoided to perform religious ceremonies. She had the habit of leaving the gold ornaments open on bed and when pointed out, she quarreled. She quarreled and deserted the Petitioner claiming that she will put him behind the bars. She threatened to commit suicide. She consistently humiliated him which acts amounted to cruelty. It had become impossible to live with her due to mental agony and torture. With such facts the first Petition claimed divorce. WITHDRAWAL OF EARLIER PETITION:;

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