Decided on February 03,2009



- (1.) THESE two petitions have been filed by Gujarat Energy Transmission Corporation Ltd (GETCO) for fixation of transmission charges for use of Gujarat Transmission system for conveyance of central sector power to Union Territories of Daman & Diu (DD) and Dadra and Nagar Haveli (DNH) and also adjudication of any dispute and differences between the parties including consequential relief for payment of transmission charges for the period from 28.2.2006. The prayer in petition No. 64/2007 is extracted below: (i) entertain the present petition and determine the applicable network charges and loss level to be allowed by adjustments in time for the use by DD of the transmission network of GETCO for the period from 28.2.2006 (ii) Pass such further orders as be deemed fit and appropriate under the circumstances of the case
(2.) Similar prayer has been made in Petition No. 67/2007 except that conveyance of power has been facilitated to DNH using Gujarat transmission system. Apart from the fact that the parties involved in the proceedings are common, to a large extent, the techno-legal issues involved in the two petitions are also similar in nature. Therefore, we are dealing with these petitions through this common order. The petitioner is a Government of Gujarat undertaking and has been declared State Transmission Utility of Gujarat State. Respondents No. 1 and 2 have allocation from Central sector station in Western Region like other States of Western Region. A Power Purchase Agreement has been signed between NTPC and other entities in Western Region including Respondents No 1 and 2 to whom power has been allocated from NTPC's generating stations. As on 1.12.2006, the allocation to Respondnet No 1 was stated to be 376.38 MW during peak hours and 381.83 MW during off-peak hours. Corresponding figures for Respondent No. 2 were 184.89 MW and 170.44 MW respectively. It is stated that the transmission net work of the first two respondents was not connected to the transmission network of PGCIL. It is further mentioned that the power allocated to them is delivered by PGCIL at different inter-connection points of the petitioner's transmission system and thereafter it is carried by the petitioner on its transmission system to these two respondents. The petitioner has stated that the following lines are used for delivery of power to the first two respondents. Common transmission route between GETCO and DD and DNH system i) 400 kV Asoj - Ukai S/C (Asoj is CTU point) ii) 220 kV Ukai - Vav D/C iii) 220 kV Vav - Navasari D/C iv) 220 kV Navasari - Vapi D/C Interconnection between DNH and GETCO (Gujarat system) i) 220 kV Bhilad - Magarwada D/C ii) 66 kV Vapi - Dabhel iii) 66 kV Vapi - Kachigam Interconnection between Diu and GETCO (Gujarat system) i) 400 kV Asoj - Jetpur S/C ii) 220 kV Jetpur - Keshod D/C iii) 220 kV Keshod - Timdi iv) 220 kV Timdi - Dhokadwa S/C v) 66 kV Dhokadwa - Uma S/C vi) 66 kV Una - Diu vii) 66 kV Kanasari - Diu Background
(3.) TILL recently, wheeling charges for use of the petitioner's system for supply to the two respondents were being determined based on decision taken in the 110th meeting of Western Regional Electricity Board (WREB) held on 22.5.1999. We have noted that the methodology for calculation was suggested by CEA and was based on usage of the facilities of the petitioner involved in the transmission. The transmission charges for the facilities were shared by the beneficiaries, pro rata to the extent of utilization.;

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