Decided on May 15,2009



- (1.) THE petition has been filed for re-determination of tariff for the period 2004-09 for 400 kV D/C Bongaigaon-Malda transmission line, (the transmission line), a component of the Kathalguri Transmission System (the transmission system), in terms of the judgement dated 5.2.2008 of the Appellate Tribunal for Electricity (the Appellate Tribunal) in Appeal No. 106/2007, and based on the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (Terms and Conditions of Tariff) Regulations, 2004 (the 2004 regulations). THE petitioner has made the following specific prayers, namely: (i) to approve actual cost of Rs. 35560.44 lakh for Bongaigan-Malda transmission line as per the Appellate Tribunal's judgement; (ii) to approve revised transmission charges for following inter-regional line: (a) Bongaigaon-Malda transmission line from 1.4.2004 to 30.9.2005; and (b) New Siliguri-Bongaigaon transmission line from 1.10.2005 to 31.3.2009. (iii) to approve revised transmission charges for Malda-New Siliguri transmission line (ER portion) for the period from 1.10.2005 to 31.3.2009.
(2.) The administrative approval and expenditure sanction for the transmission system was originally accorded by the Central Government in Ministry of Power vide its letter dated 22.2.1995 for Rs. 68119 lakh. The estimated cost of the transmission system was revised and sanction was accorded by the Central Government, Ministry of Power vide letter dated 22.3.2001 for the revised cost estimate of Rs. 101010 lakh. The apportioned cost of the transmission line against the revised cost estimate of Rs. 101010 lakh was initially stated to be Rs. 29743 lakh, which was later on revised to Rs. 33175 lakh. The estimated cost for the transmission system was further revised and Ministry of Power by its letter dated 2.12.2005 accorded its approval for the second revised cost estimate (RCE-II) of Rs. 105990 lakh, against which an amount of Rs. 35560 lakh was apportioned to the transmission line. The tariff for the transmission line, which was declared under commercial operation on 1.4.2000, for the period up to 31.3.2001 was determined in Petition No. 40/2000, based on capital cost of Rs. 29743.02 lakh.
(3.) THE annual transmission charges for the period 1.4.2001 to 31.3.2004 were decided by the Commission in its order dated 13.4.2004 in Petition No. 71/2002 at a gross block of Rs. 29856.58 lakh, including additional capitalization from 1.4.2000 to 31.3.2001 on account of FERV of Rs. 113.56 lakh over the gross block of Rs. 29743.02 lakh earlier considered by the Commission for tariff for the period up to 31.3.2001. THE tariff for the period 2004-09 was approved by order dated 14.1.2006 in Petition No. 121/2004 based on capital cost of Rs. 29758.64 lakh.;

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