Decided on June 23,2015

Gadarwara (A) Transco Limited Appellant
Madhya Pradesh Power Management Company Ltd. And Ors. Respondents


- (1.) THE petitioner, Gadarwara (A) Transco Limited (GATL) has filed the present petition under Section 63 of the Electricity Act, 2003 (hereinafter referred to as the 'Act') for adoption of transmission charges in respect of transmission system for "Transmission System Associated with Gadarwara STPS (2X800 MW) of NTPC (Part -A)'' (hereinafter referred to as 'the Project') and to allow the project to be a part of the Transmission Service Agreement approved by the Commission under the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (Sharing of Inter -state Transmission Charges and Losses) Regulations, 2010.
(2.) THE Section 63 of the Electricity Act, 2003 provides as under: "Section 63. Determination of tariff by bidding process: Notwithstanding anything contained in section 62, the Appropriate Commission shall adopt the tariff if such tariff has been determined through transparent process of bidding in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Central Government." Government of India, Ministry of Power has notified the Guidelines under Section 63 of the Act vide Resolution No. 11/5/2005 -PG(i) dated 17.4.2006. The salient features of the Guidelines are discussed in brief as under: "(a) The Guidelines are applicable for procurement of transmission services for transmission of electricity through tariff based competitive bidding and for selection of transmission service provider for new transmission lines and to build, own, maintain and operate the specified transmission system elements. (b) For procurement of transmission services, required for inter -State transmission, the Central Government shall notify any Central Government Organization or any Central Public Sector Undertakings the Bid Process Coordinator (BPC) who would be responsible for coordinating the bid process. (c) The BPC shall prepare the bid documentation in accordance with the Guidelines and obtain approval of the Appropriate Commission or alternatively, the BPC can use the standard bid documents notified by the Ministry of Power. Approval of the Appropriate Commission would be necessary if any material deviation is proposed to be made in the Standard Bid Documents. Intimation about the initiation of the bid process shall be sent by the BPC to the Appropriate Commission. (d) For procurement of transmission charges under the Guidelines, the BPC may adopt at its option either a two -stage process featuring separate Request for Qualifications (RfQ) and Request for Proposal(RFP) or adopt a single stage two envelope tender process combining both RFQ and RFP processes. (e) RfQ or combined RfQ and RfP notice shall be issued in at least two national newspapers, website of the BPC and the appropriate Government and preferably in the trade magazines also to provide wide publicity. For the purpose of issue of RfQ minimum conditions to be met by the bidder shall be specified in RfQ notice. The bidding shall be by way of International Competitive Bidding. (f) Standard documentations to be provided in the RFQ stage shall include definitions of requirements including the details of location and technical qualifications for each component of the transmission lines, construction milestones, and financial requirements to be met by the bidders; proposed Transmission Service Agreement; period of validity of offer of bidder; conditions as specified by the Appropriate Commission for being eligible to obtain transmission licence and other technical and safety criteria to be met by the bidder/TSP including the provisions of Indian Electricity Grid Code (Grid Code). (g) Standard documentations to be provided by BPC in the RFP shall include specified target dates/months for commissioning and commercial operations and start of providing transmission services. TSA proposed to be entered with the selected bidder; bid evaluation methodology to be adopted by the BPC; Discount Factor to be used for evaluation of the bids; specification regarding the bid bond and project completion guarantee to be furnished by the bidders, proposed indemnification agreement between the TSP and the utilities, amount of contract performance guarantee as percentage of the project cost; and the liquidated damages that would apply in the case of delay in start of providing the transmission services. (h) To ensure competitiveness, the minimum number of qualified bidders shall be two. The BPC shall constitute a committee for evaluation of the bids with at least one member from Central Electricity Authority (CEA) and the concerned Regional Power Committees. The member from CEA shall have expertise in the cost engineering of transmission projects. The bids shall be opened in public and the representative of the bidders shall be allowed to remain present. The technical bids shall be scored to ensure that only the bids that meet the minimum technical criteria set out in the RFQ shall be considered for further evaluation on the transmission charge bids. The transmission charge bid shall be rejected if it contains any deviation from the tender conditions for submission of the same. The bidder who has quoted the lowest transmission charge as per the evaluation procedure shall be considered for the award. (i) The Guidelines provide for suggested time tables for the bid process. The timeline suggested for a two stage bid process is 240 days and single stage two envelope bid process is 180 days. The BPC is empowered to give extended time -frame based on the prevailing circumstances and such alterations shall not be construed as the deviation from the Guidelines. (j) The selected bidder shall make an Application for grant of transmission licence to the Appropriate Commission within ten days from the date of issue of LoI subject to further extension of time as provided under para 2.4 of the RFP. The TSA shall be signed with the selected bidder in accordance with the terms and conditions as finalized in the bid document before the RFP stage. (k) The BPC shall make evaluation of the bid public by indicating the terms of the winning bid and anonymous comparison of all other bids. All contracts signed with the successful bidder shall also be made public. The final TSA along with the certification of BPC shall be forwarded to the Appropriate Commission for adoption of tariff in terms of section 63 of the Act."
(3.) IN the light of the above provisions of the Guidelines, we have to examine whether the transparent process of international competitive bidding has been adopted in the present case for arriving at the lowest levelized transmission charges and for selection of the successful bidder.;

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