Decided on August 06,2015

Eastern Regional Load Despatch Centre Appellant
Chairman Cum Managing Director, Odisha Power Transmission Corporation Limited And Ors. Respondents


- (1.) THE petitioner, Eastern Regional Load Despatch Centre (ERLDC), has filed the present petition seeking direction to Odisha Power Transmission Corporation Limited (OPTCL) to carry out audit of the protection system at its sub -stations so that corrective measures can be taken in Odisha transmission system. The petitioner has made the following prayers: "(a) Appropriate direction/advice may be issued to the respondent for its failure to comply with: i. Regulation 3(e) of the Central Electricity Authority (Grid Standards) Regulations, 2010 ii. Regulation 5.1, 5.2(e), 5.2(1) and 5.2(r) of the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (Indian Electricity Grid Code) (First Amendment) Regulations, 2012. (b) OPTCL may be directed to ensure adequacy and healthiness of protection system in compliance with the Regulation 3(e) of the CEA (Grid Standards) in terms of IEGC Regulation 5.2(e); and (c) OPTCL may be directed to carry out a thorough audit of the protection system at all its substations and take corrective measures. (d) May pass such other orders as deemed fit, in the circumstances of the case."
(2.) THE petitioner has submitted that 400 kV Meramundali sub -station is one of the important gateways for import of power by Odisha as well as export of power to Southern Region through HVDC back -to -back at Gajuwaka. This sub -station also functions as a pooling point for the generating stations at Talcher STPP, IPPs at GMR and JITPL and a number of CPPs in the State of Odisha. The petitioner has submitted that operational constraints at Meramundali substation have been in existence since 2009, and have disrupted power supply in OPTCL's transmission system a number of times. The incidents of multiple trippings from Meramundali sub -station were discussed during 82nd, 83rd and 86th OCC meetings held on 18.2.2013, 25.3.2013 and 21.6.2013 respectively, Special Protection Sub -Committee meeting held on 5.6.2013, 17th Protection Sub -Committee meeting held on 21.8.2013, 89th and 94th OCC meetings held on 10.9.2013 and 21.2.2014 respectively in the said meetings, OPTCL was requested to take necessary corrective action to prevent multiple element outages from Meramundali sub -station. However, the desired improvement did not happen.
(3.) THE petitioner has submitted that the outage at Meramundali sub -station reduces ATC of Eastern Region -Southern Region and the reliability of supply to both OPTCL and Southern Region. The forced outage/trippings of multiple transmission elements at 400 kV Meramundali sub -station and 220 kV sub -station at Jeynagar and Theruvali on numerous occasions resulted in temporary removal of complete sub -station from service. These events were a rare contingency as per transmission planning criteria. Such contingency always causes unforeseen variation in line flows and deterioration of grid parameters such as frequency and voltage, necessitating generation re -dispatch and/or unplanned load regulation.;

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