Decided on April 01,2015

The Member Secretary Southern Regional Power Committee And Ors. Respondents


- (1.) THIS petition has been filed by the petitioner, Neyveli Lignite Corporation Limited, seeking permission of the Commission for injection of infirm power into the grid during testing, commissioning and commercial operation of NLC -TPS II (Expansion) (the generating station) till declaration of COD of Unit -1 (unit) or 30.6.2015, whichever is earlier.
(2.) NEYVELI Lignite Corporation Limited (NLC) is in the process of establishing NLC -TPS II Expansion (2x250 MW) CFBC boiler based power plant at Neyveli, Tamil Nadu. This is the first 250 MW unit size CFBC based power plant being installed in the country. Unit of the generating station was first synchronized with the grid on 18.5.2011 with oil firing and on 27.6.2011 with lignite firing. Due to technical problems, COD of the generating station got delayed resulting in prolonged injection of infirm power into the grid.
(3.) THE Commission by its order dated 19.1.2015 in Petition No. 131/MP/2014 had allowed injection of infirm power from the unit of the generating station for testing including full load testing till 30.3.2015. The petitioner in the present petition, while praying for extension of time for testing and full load testing and consequent injection of infirm power, has mainly submitted as under: "(a) With the certain improvements, unit was able to sustain higher loads, crossed 200 MW on number of occasions and rated load of 250 MW was reached on 6.1.2015. Fine tuning of parameters and meticulous efforts by Operation Engineers resulted in continuous running of unit for more period, latest by 22 days. (b) Sustained operation over 200 MW was stalled by water wall tube punctures, failure of non -metallic expansion joints, overloading of ID fans due to high suction pressure and refractory failures. Stoppage of unit on each occasion was utilized to rectify the defects and further fine tuning of parameters. (c) Unit is under shutdown from 13.3.2015 for attending start up burner seal box and Backpass Coil punctures, Refractory works in Fluidized Bed Heat Exchangers Economizer Enclosure duct repair works, lignite feeding system rectification works and RAPH and ESP higher pressure drop leading to overloading of ID fans when the load is above 200 MW. (d) 72 hrs full load trial run and COD is likely to be shifted beyond 31.3.2015, considering events affecting the sustenance of load above 200 MW. (e) NLC and BHEL are in the process of fine tuning of the operational parameters, resolving issues affecting the sustenance of load above 200 MW to enable COD of the unit. (f) NLC has been actively pursuing with M/s. BHEL to resolve all the issues effectively in order to enable COD of the unit of the generating station for sustained operation. In view of the problems encountered in the early stages of testing, commissioning and commercial operation, NLC has been insisting on M/s. BHEL to ensure that all the parameters are properly dealt with and the performance of Boiler is satisfactorily established to avoid any issues while operating the plant. (g) It is not in a position to operate continuously after modifications in the Fluidized Heat Exchangers, Seal Plot Refractory works, Non -metallic expansion joints. However, sustenance of load above 200 MW was not possible due to restriction on pressure drop across RAPH and ESP leading to overloading of ID fans. Minor issues in Fludized Bed Heat Exchanger, Refractory works, and lignite feeding system and Coil punctures in the Backpass start up burner refractory erosion are to be attended. (h) The injection of infirm power into the grid by NLC for testing and commissioning is for reasons beyond its control and solely with the intention to achieve the COD. The total injection of infirm power form unit during the period from 1.7.2014 to 28.2.2015 is only 70.01 MUs.";

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