Decided on March 17,2008

Bonnie Foi Law College Respondents


- (1.) IN pursuance to the direction of this Court a Committee appointed by this Court consisting of the Chairman and Vice Chairman of Bar Council of India; Director, National Judicial Academy and Prof. N.M. Mitra, former Director of the Law School, Bangalore visited the Barakatullah University, Bhopal and Bonnie Foi Law College on July 16, 2009. The Committee gave a comprehensive report and pointed out a number of shortcomings in the infrastructure and functioning of the College. The Committee also suggested that in order to have a minimum level of acceptable legal education to be offered to students and for the Bar Council of India to approve affiliation, the following would be necessary: 1. The University must grant affiliation according to its rules. 2. There must be a competent principal who is given adequate authority and autonomy. 3. Faculty must be confirmed to be full time, and of adequate competence, motivation and commitment. This may be confirmed by the University and Bar Council of India through an independent and detailed evaluation of faculty capacity and competence. A programme for staff training and development is also required. 4. Library and computer centre must be strengthened and appropriately used as an integral part of the teaching process. 5. University must put in place a continuing quality evaluation mechanism to monitor the Institution. 6. Physical infrastructure must be properly maintained to provide a hygienic and conducive atmosphere for education. 7. The salaries and terms and conditions of teachers and other staff must comply with University Grants Commission's norms.
(2.) MR . Anoop G. Chaudhary, learned senior counsel appearing for the Bonnie Foi College has drawn our attention to affidavit of Dr. G.K. Iyer filed on 6.10.2009. Reply to the affidavit could not be filed by the Bar Council of India because of paucity of time. Mr. Chaudhary submitted that shortcomings which were indicated in the report of the Committee have been rectified and he prayed that the Committee be again requested to inspect the Institution and submit a fresh report to the Court. Mr. Chaudhary further submits that the College may be given one more opportunity to demonstrate that all shortcomings pointed out by the Committee have been rectified. In the interest of justice we deem it appropriate to request the same Committee to visit the Barkatullah University and Bonnie Law College as expeditiously as possible. The Committee is requested to carefully scrutinize whether the concerned College has meticulously followed all the directions given by the Committee in its report dated July 16, 2009.
(3.) THE Bar Council would indicate the amount of expenses which would be necessary for carrying out the fresh inspection and on receipt of the letter from the Bar Council, the amount would be deposited by the College with the Bar Council of India within a week.;

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